Photo Shoot is undertaken in three phases:

1. Pre-Production: Thoroughly selected product needs to be cleaned to remove any dust, finger prints, surface imperfections, product defects etc.

The person from client's marketing department or stylist/art director may need to prepare the product/setting as per the requirement of the project and the theme.

Photographer will discreetly suggest the best approach to accommodate vision of client's project.

Some props may be required - it is usually client's responsibility to provide them. Photographer can also supply some props.

2. Photo Shoot: I set up the lighting and modifiers/reflectors system specifically for your product. I use special accessories to translate the nature of your product to digital images effectively. This requires an in-depth understanding of all the aspects involved.

3. Post Production: This is the critical phase of the project, where the photographs are re-touched and all necessary advanced post-production adjustments are performed. I will fix any undesired and out of control parameters. I may also remove any distracting objects or add corresponding props.
Background removal/adding may be undertaken on case to case basis.
The resulting images are crisp, balanced in lights and in shadows, clear and ready for printing on any of materials required by the client / advertising agency.

Please feel free to contact me to make further inquiries and to discuss your project in greater details