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Why should I use professional product photographer's service? Wouldn't be worth for myself to invest  in professional DSLR camera and good lens and take photos myself?

These are the questions that many clients are asking. My answer is: The photographer takes a picture, not a camera.

Keep in mind: Professional Product Photographer is a profession and this occupation is a full time job. Of course you can learn it just like anybody else, but would you do the same with all other professions? You want to fix the car - learn how to become car mechanic, fix your television - learn how to do it,  etc. In each case, you need the tools, knowledge and experience.

With all sophisticated equipment available on the market, measuring exposure will be done by the camera, but in PRO product photography you never set up camera in automatic mode. Professional cameras have been designed to be used in manual mode. It does have automatic mode too, but you'll be surprised what would the difference be between the photograph from point and shoot and pro camera. In many cases point and shoot photographs may look much better than pro.

Here is very common question the people ask me: What kind of camera should I buy to do good pictures? Again the best answer I come up with is comparison to the car purchase:

What kind of car should I buy to drive safely? Of course to some point sophisticated safety features of the car matter, but  main factor is still the driver. Same thing with paint brushes. Does purchasing brand name Rembrandt paint brushes make you a great painter?

In my next article I will explain you what are the most important factors in product photography that contribute to the perfect photograph.

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Saturday, September 03, 2016
By Photography by George
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Clothing Photography and Fashion Accessories Tips

 NOTE: To see similar products presentation examples please check my sporting goods page

In this blog, I will be sharing with you some useful tips for e-commerce businesses on how to plan a successful clothing photo shoot with the right approach.


I have had many years of experience in successfully covering a wide range of projects in the Greater Toronto Area and I would very much like to help e-commerce website owners with their businesses. It is for this reason that I thought of sharing the above tips with all you e-commerce storeowners out there in hope that these tips will help you gain some insights into what constitutes the right approach for clothing photography.


A majority of potential customers are driven or attracted to a “Displayed Product” appearance. This in turn has led to the importance of product photography as an essential aspect of building strong e-commerce sales by attracting more online customers to making purchases.

In order to help e-commerce business owners, I will go through a few useful tips on how to plan a successful clothing photo shoot and on how to obtain high quality product images.


1. Hiring Professional Models

I strongly recommend working with professional models. For clothing photography shoots, it has proven to be the most effective way of presentation. The model(s) can strike a perfect pose at various camera angles that can accentuate your line of clothing in the shots taken by a highly experienced photographer. Your clothing products will take on a personality of their own that is reflected in the images. This can help attract huge number of online customers.


2. Consider the use of Mannequins

Displaying a product in its realistic form is quite essential in product photography as it helps to engage your customers. Online shoppers are more likely to buy a clothing item if they can visualize or imagine how the apparel would look on them when they wear it. To help them make such visualization, I highly recommend using a mannequin that can give your clothing product a “realistic human shape”. The ultimate aim of this is to help online shoppers imagining themselves wearing the clothing, which in turn can enhance their desire to make the purchase.


Note: The use of “armless” mannequins should always be used for shooting strapless clothing and we must also ensure that the mannequin is standing straight-on while we are shooting.


3. Add 3-D Effect:

For clothing photo shoot, your photographer can add a three-dimensional effect to the product by using a “ghost mannequin” approach. This effect will give your final image a 3-D appearance as if the item is floating on an invisible ghost. These 3-D product images can be then be displayed at different angles in a very beautiful (or visually stunning) way.


4. Positioning the clothing on a plain flat surface 

This is the most basic type of presentation that can be used for lower budget projects. To view a few examples, please please click on  Fashion and Accessories

Today, most businesses and e-commerce store owners rely heavily on professional product photography services to enhance their products in order to make their products more attractive and saleable. We, at Photography by George, specifically target these clienteles. To further discuss your project in details, please click on this link