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Sunday, March 05, 2017
By Photography by George
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A Product Photographer’s job may sometimes be a challenge…

…though an experienced photographer can handle any situation, especially with nineteen years of experience within the field.

  Some of the experiences I have encountered in the past;

1. While on a photography shoot, we had been asked to photograph a haunted house with infrared lighting. This enabled us to shoot in darkened interiors of an old, abandoned house. Click here to see our photos of a haunted house with couple shots in infrared light. Click on haunted house

2. Snapping photos while suspended on shaky platform 20 feet above ground. Click here to see top shot of the workstation

3. While in the midst of heavy security I had been commissioned to take close up photos of an incredible $2.5 Million dollar diamond ring. Check white gold ring with a fancy yellow diamond click 

4. I was employed by Californian company to photograph facilities at the Toronto Pearson Airport, though upon showing up and beginning our shoot we had been greeted by Police and airport security whom were unaware of our photo shoot. Upon providing our documentation and verifying it with airport authorities, I was permitted to continue my shoot.

5. Shooting protecting film on mobile phone. My goal was to photograph something which was actually invisible! Click on this  link  to see final photograph of the mobile phone

6.Take photos of a parrot whom was not very thrilled about the photo shoot! See top of this post

7. One of my photo shoots involved taking photos of a local realtor whom was holding a sign containing their contact information while standing in the middle of one of Toronto's busiest intersections. 


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