Advertising Photography vs. Commercial Photography
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Saturday, December 31, 2016
By Photography by George
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What exactly is the difference between Commercial and Advertising Photography?


Commercial photography primarily focuses on the technical details of the object, such as products, buildings, food etc. Its main purpose is to show clearly the object's features and to illustrate the way it should be used.


The main goal of the presentation is to show the object online or in printed materials for commercial purposes. Wholesalers and retailers often use these commercial images as informational material to entice potential customers in making the purchase. Background and lighting should be kept neutral and should not in any way distract the viewer’s attention from the actual object. As such, most online shopping sites require white backgrounds. To see a typical example of commercial product image, Click here


Advertising photography uses a variety of techniques in terms of lighting, background and props to produce an artistic and stylish setup. It often requires the cooperative efforts of the company’s marketing department and its stylists who specialize in their particular field. The sole purpose of these preparations is to facilitate the photographer in capturing professional images of the object (or service) with a creative flair to draw viewers’ attention.

All the preparation requires the involvement of the company’s personnel and may take certain amount of time. The resulting images can then be used to deliver their clear message through magazines, billboards, and the internet.

Click here  to see few examples of advertising image

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